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Dear Governor Crist,

Many scientists, world leaders and people believe global warming is a
crisis, and many feel this is especially true for Florida.

Recently I drove from West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale on the
turnpike at 65 MPH, and did not pass a single person. In addition to
fearing for my life, I observed how much energy (and probably lives)
could be saved by enforcing the speed limit.

A second point: there is so much land around the highways and highway
intersections that is regularly mowed flat. By giving some of this
land back to nature, we could save taxpayers the labor, energy and
equipment costs associated with repeated mowing. These new small
natural areas will beautify the highways, eliminate greenhouse gases,
improve water retention, and even provide homes for songbirds and

It is very simple, just let whatever grows grow. We could mow a clean
border or put a rope fence or guard rail around the areas. The same
principle applies to any code requiring urban lots to be mowed. This
greening of the highways would be excellent for a PR campaign.

Thank you,

Tom Friedel
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