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'Birdwatching in Colombia' is an telephone/tablet implementation of the popular 2013 book 'Birdwatching in Colombia' (ISBN: 978-9090277851) by Jurgen Beckers and Pablo Florez. The 'app' has all of the content of the original book, with hundreds of updates as well as a few dozen new sites. The goal of the book is to help birders and photographers travel safely and problem free to the top birding sites, without having to pay for an expensive or unnecessarily restrictive tour package.

Over 150 of the top birding sites are covered, many with trail maps, and all with directions, helpful information for lodging and guiding, and local information about where to find the top species.

Scientific information and distribution maps are provided (downloadable) into the app for all species found in Colombia, as are photos for many species. This information is from the free 'Bird Data - Colombia' app.

Additionally the app includes an eBird interface for seeing recent sightings at eBird hotspots, as well as a sound recorder.