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East of Royal Palm Park a forest (natural area) was just cleared. There is so little proper habitat in Broward for the millions of migratory birds that pass through Florida every year. I believe this is government land and I imagine you will put a lawn and force tax payers to repeatedly pay to maintain this destruction of Florida wildlife habitat. In Royal Palm Park there is a sign by the lake that says it is illegal to fish for a particular invasive species of carp which eats the water plants. Could you be any less friendly to Florida wildlife?

Reply (ok by me if true and if there are no new lawns/fields)

This area is owned by the Broward County School Board. The City entered into an agreement with the School Board to operate and supervise the area. Exotic vegetation has been removed and will be replaced with native vegetation and a nature walk that will be used by the City, as well as, students form local schools. A black aluminum fence, similar to the once recently installed at Easterlin Park, will also be installed. This will enhance the habitat and beautify the area at the same time.