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One in two north American men will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.
Billions of bees have died from pesticides. Millions of lives are cut short worldwide
by air pollution. February was by far the hottest February in recorded history.

We keep hearing how angry Republicans are in this election cycle, although many can't
articulate why they are angry. They should only be thankful for the strong economic
recovery after they ground the world economy to a halt eight years ago. Who should be
angry is anyone who cares about the planet, and the lack of attention environmental
issues are getting.

Trump denies climate change science, and wants everyone to focus on the Mexican, and
his circus stage show. Ted Cruz thinks a female victim of rape or incest should be forced
by the government to bear the child. Both of their tax policies keeps the money moving to
those who are wealthier than ever. Hillary has a detailed policy for just about everything,
and a record to validate her beliefs. I don't agree with every policy, but at least there
is logic, humanity and sanity.

If you are my Facebook friend in the USA and plan to vote Republican, or have thoughts like
"I can't vote for Hillary because I can't trust her", please just unfriend me now.