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Colombia has more species of birds than any other country, and has a continually growing ecotourism infrastructure. As a result Colombia has many excellent bird guides. I retired to Colombia and now have been photographing birds in Colombia well over a decade. I have a home near the La Romera reserve near Medellin, and a Colombian wife. In addition to maintaining, I also maintain, and the telephone applications 'Birdwatching in Colombia' and 'Bird Data - Colombia'. My goal is to have a great photo of every species in Colombia, but that may be unattainable. I do think it is possible I've photographed more species of Colombian birds than anyone else.

In the mean time, I am happy to help people visit sites around Medellin, or possibly longer trips focused on photography to other locations in Colombia. I am also happy to just help you plan your trip; I know most of the locations and guides in Colombia. Or if you want to do everything on your own, you can get the out-of-print 2013 book 'Birdwatching in Colombia' by Jurgen Beckers and Pablo Flores (ISBN: 9090277854), or the updated content in the iPhone/Android app 'Birdwatching in Colombia'.

Some places I've visited one or more times are

  • Colombian Amazon (Mitu, Leticia, Inirida)
  • Colombian Llanos (Casanare, Meta, Villavicencio)
  • Colombian Pacific (Bahia Solano, Uraba)
  • Putumayo (Mocoa, Sibundoy, Orito)
  • Many many sites at all altitudes of all three Andean ranges
  • Guajira Peninsula, Perija mountains and the Santa Marta Sierra Nevada
  • Panama Darien and Cerro Pirre
  • Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile (Atacama), Brazil (Manaus, Atlantic rainforest, Pantanal), Bolivia (lowlands), Uruguay

I know from experience paying a guide who is more interested in his photos than helping you with yours is annoying. Also annoying is a guide who doesn't understand the types of locations and other requirements that might be good for photography. I hope to avoid any problems like that with good communication. But note I wouldn't do these tours, especially the multi-day tours, if it didn't give me a chance to go out in the field and take photos. It is also important to discuss in great detail the objectives of the participants, as well as any physical or dietary requirements.

For more information contact me at or +1-954-294-8763.

Candela Tours

We've come up with a name for the tour company, Candela Tours, because of the Cacique Candela, the local name of the Colombian endemic Red-bellied Grackle, and the color of the Colombian endemic Flame-rumped Tanager. Now we need a logo!

Candela Tours

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Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia