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A letter to my condiminium manager:

Hi Dan,
Thanks for planting the tree and anything you can do with the leaky recycling containers or recycling in general. I now have a residence card in Colombia, and am not sure when I am returning. I had wanted to get more recycling containers for the condo, and here is where I left it. Cindy initially said she did not want to contact the company because we had more containers than in the contract. That is not true, we have 19 as in the contract. I spoke with someone from Republic Waste who told me the recycling containers cost 1/3 of the waste containers to process, so it seems it should be a win/win to have more containers. I called our company at 954-967-4200 and learned the recycling and waste are separate contracts, so increasing containers would require changing both contracts, and also we just signed for three years. So it would take some effort, but it seems to me it would be good for everyone.