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All of the following links but the last are from a small field at the edge of the city of Medellin.

I was sure this was a Grey Seedeater because of the light colored bill, although it was the only time I had seen it.

I was sure this was a female Ruddy-breasted Seedeater since that species is occasionally seen.

THen I photographed this bird which must be the same species as the Grey Seedeater, but bears some similarity to the Ruddy-breasted.

To add to the confusion, this morning I photographed from distance what appears to be a Slate-colored Seedeater, a bird I had only previously seen in captivity, and here outside of its range. Grey Seedeater?

and this next bird that has just a touch of the ruddy color and may be a immature male Ruddy-breasted Seedeater. But I haven't seen a all brown seedeater either, and wonder if the immature male gives clues about the female.

I believe this is a male Slate-colored Seedeater based on signage at the zoo.

Thanks for any help sorting this out.


My conclusion is that the female Ruddy-breasted is mostly "buff-brown" (HBW) and that the last and this are females or immature males: 7
The lighter colored ones must be female or immature male Grey Seedeaters, and the male slaty-colored one is surely a Grey Seedeater based on location and bad lighting.