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A few more photos from Colombia.

The Bronzy Inca is one of four Inca species, which are closely related to the Starfrontlets, another type of hummingbird with a long straight bill.

Swifts behave like swallows eating insects in flight. Swifts are actually more closely related to hummingbirds, although one would not know from their behaviour. This White-collared Swift is the largest species.

The Red-breasted Blackbird is a grassland species as are many birds in the family Iceridae. Venezuela and Colombia share an area known as the 'llanos' or flatlands, an area that floods and almost completely dries every year.

The Red-bellied Grackle is an endangered species found only at elevations around 1800 meters in three areas of Colombia. They travel in small groups and make noises similar to better known grackles such as the Great-tailed Grackle.

Hemispingus are a family of about ten species of tanagers who generally travel in small groups and work through the forest understory. This is a Superciliaried Hemispingus.