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Please see my introduction to Colombia in a different photoblog

The Andes has amazing biodiversity, with every 500 meters bringing different species. Near Medellin the La Romera reserve around 2000 meters had mostly different birds than the San Sebastian reserve which started at 2450 meters and continued to 2900. Then above that is the sub-paramo and then the treeless paramo landscape, all excellent for finding birds.

The White-capped Dipper is one of two Dipper species found in south America, and one of five found worldwide. Dipper love cold water and often bathe and seem to play in the rapids. And of course they find food there as well.

The Russet-crowned Warbler is a common Andean species found from Venezuela to Bolivia.

The Golden-crowned Whitestart is generally found over 2000 meters, and is found just in Colombia and a small part of Venezuela. But it is quite common in parts of its range, and can be seen on the ground and in the canopy.

This Chestnut-naped Antpitta came out onto the trail to pick up what looked like flies. Only later when I had to walk past him when it started to rain did I notice the trail was covered in ants.