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Recently when my Manfrotto 190CXPRO3 $299 tripod started to deteriorate from the stress of a 600mm lens, backpacking and long mountain hikes, I knew I needed a sturdier tripod. The center column was one moving part too many for something that was supposed to be as stable as possible. And the clamps looked like a part that was likely to fail, although they never did. What did fail was the rubber caps to the legs, and once they fell off, the legs went inside the tripod and then fell all the way out. But the main problem was the trip was just not heavy or solid enough for what I was trying to do.

I also wanted something tall enough for me not to have to bend over, and something that would last a long time. My thinking was the simpler the better; no center column and simple adjustments for the legs. I found a review by Nate Chappell of Trogon Tours of the Feisol CT-3372 Rapid Tripod, and it seemed to fit the requirements. 'Rapid' refers to the new simple twist-to-tighten leg segment connectors, which are different than the clamps of my Manfrotto. All of the segments of this tripod are thick and surprisingly light, and there is no center column, just a oversized platform for this tripod head.

My main concern before purchasing online was that the extended height would be just a bit short. I measured the distance from my known height of 6'3" to my eyes, and from the head of my Manfrotto 393 tripod to the camera view finder, and was worried it would be just a few inches short. Luckily I saw Feisol sells an extension piece (Feisol CC-3711 Short Center Column) for around $20. As it turned out, the tripod was more than tall enough and I have yet to determine where my measurements failed.

Nate writes the two problem he had was that the legs tend to stick in all position between closed an open, and that the screws holding the legs can come out. The second problem is solved by carrying a small allen wrench. It is true that the legs don't move easily to a snap-in position, but on the other hand I would probably mostly carry the tripod with the legs extended already, so I can live with this.

I haven't used the pricier Gitzo tripods, which are generally considered top-of-the-line, but I was happy to save a few hundred dollars with the Feisol and am so far happy enough with my choice. The tripod comes with a carrying case and normal one year warranty.