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I posted this on Gibson.com Your position about using illegaly logged woods from Madagascar, and thereby supporting the continued loss of our world's biodiversity, is reprehensible. I am going to tell everyone I know via various forums. Why don't you, the person reading this email, quit in protest? Stand for something, not just a paycheck. http://news.mongabay.com/2011/1002-hance_mad_teaparty.html

Another internet post on this topic

And give me a break with this union stuff, Unions are less than 20% of all workers noadays. Conceptually this is about protecting the world’s biodiversity, the beautiful animals and ecosystems of this planet. An impoverished country like Madagascar can’t do this, and the tea party would sacrifice our biodiversity as well, just like a third world country, for the sake of their owner’s corporate profits.

Followup post on another site for the Tea Party rally

The birds, animals, and plants of this world were made so beautiful by our creator that it couldn’t be more obvious that we need to prevent their extinction. And certainly they should not go extinct for corporate greed. Gibson, if they have done nothing wrong which I seriously doubt, should applaud our government’s efforts to support the Lacey Act, and not spin this into mindless corporate-controlled-and-owned Tea Party propoganda.