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Two sites I found recently are and, and I rediscovered If you go through these sites there are many places you can send letters to politicians and companies about topical issues, such as new deforestation plans. has a lot of information about deforestation, including some success stories. Of course an email is just a tiny tiny action, but if you want to do more you can add money with your letter. Actually hand-writing a letter is a better idea, since I am not sure if these email letters are even read or counted. A hand-written letter is always read and usually replied to.

But I think the key to conservation is to really conserve. Much of our junk mail comes from ancient Canadian forests (I have read in many places). Oil/gas is used to make plastics and everything, and oil is taken from many pristine places. Etc., etc., I know you have heard all this before. But how many of us take a shopping bag to buy groceries? Or take the stairs instead of the elevator? Or take short showers? is another excellent portal for conservation news. I donated $10 to their campaign and am syndicating their RSS news feed here.

Tom Friedel, editor