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I would like to recommend birding trips with Paddy Cunningham of On the few trips I have done with her in Florida, I saw easily twice as many species as I would have seen by myself, and heard even more species. Most companies will charge you several thousand for a trip of any sort. I don't have the exact price for her trip to Panama in mid-July, but know it is much less. I am considering going. Here is some info copied from her site...

Canopy Tower and El Valle Panama
Mid July 2008

Panama has over 950 species in this tropical rainforest paradise. We will be staying at the world's famous Canopy Tower. It is know for its excellent guides, great food and birding at the canopy tops from the observation deck where you can be at bird's eye level to see Blue Contigas and Toucans.

We will be maximizing our birding time by staying at the lodge and taking day trips to one of the world's top birding spot Pipeline Road, Plantation Trail, Old Gamboa Road, Ammo Dump Ponds & much more.

The trip includes a night tour to look for Potoos, Sloths, Owls and nocturnal mammals. Also included is a trip up to the highlands of El Valle to the beautiful mountain lodge with its spectacular feeders, unique birds and casual elegance and a chance for 300 species. An optional to take a canopy ride is available. A day trip to the Pacific coast will be additional species and a beach picnic.

Last year a 5 day trip brought 263 species and rarities such as Spectacle Owl, Giant Potoo, Oscillated Antbird, Pheasant Cuckoo, White-whiskered Puffbird and much more.


Paddy told me she is probably not going to Panama until next year. I am ready for a trip so think I will go with my wife to Venezuela sometime in July. Over 40 endemic species! I visited Venezuela twice before I was interested in birds and photography, but am so excited to add this dimension to the trip. Venezeula is a unique country in that it has many environment types, from the Andes to the jungle to the flatlands to the Caribbean coast, and various habitats in between.