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I am looking for some people to start testing a new feature called "My Birds". With "My Birds" you can keep track of all of your bird sightings, along with a location, date, and official IOU (International Ornithologist's Union, formerly IOC) 5.3 taxonomic information, including subspecies. The goal is to create the best bird listing software on the Internet, so let us know what features you want to see! To give it a try, follow these steps.

  • Create an account on
  • Click on "my birds". For now, to avoid this page, use this link.
  • Please provide feedback

Some planned features are

  • integration of 'geolocations' and Google Maps
  • export to CSV file or Excel
  • customized reporting
  • integration with personal photo gallery


Seems like eBird and BirdLasser and others have replaced any need for this software.


I am doing an overhaul of this software, and also plan to keep track of my Colombia birds (seen in Colombia, and resident in Colombia but seen anywhere). Now would be a good time to try the software and provide feedback. We are on IOU 4.3.