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Specific information about creating your Personal Photo Gallery is here.

Personal Photo Galleries are a way for a photographers to showcase their best photos to their peers, and to the rest of the world. They are also a way for the editor to locate photos for inclusion in the main gallery. Personal Photo Galleries are not a place for backing up thousands of photos; a membership is perfect for that, and is not very expensive. Our policy is that more than 50% of the images must be of or directly related to birds. Currently there are no restrictions on size or number of photos, but please follow these guidelines. Upon request, you can receive a URL like

For the main gallery, is looking for photos that are artistically beautiful, scientifically informative, and technically perfect! But we understand taking a perfect photo is very difficult and very rare, and that this site does not contain many, if any, so don't let this scare you. Photos from birds in captivity are accepted, as are photos greatly altered in Photoshop, but this information should be provided. The editor reserves the right to post or not post your image in the main gallery. A photo of a species not on the site will receive greater consideration.

For consideration in the main gallery, images must have either a width or height of at least 1024 (why?), but that shouldn't discourage you from creating a gallery here and participating in the image discussions. Images can be watermarked or signed but this should be done in a way that does not adversely affect the image. For example the copyright information should not be in the center of the image.