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Expedia bad experience    

A letter I wrote to Expedia, and their response.

Beginning of June I booked a ticket with Expedia from Medellin->Madrid->Miami. Itinerary # 72322794139422. The travel dates are Sep. 1 to October 15. During the checkout process I was told to go to the airline website to find any baggage costs. I had never flown with this airline and did not have an account there, but attached is a screenshot with the information I found. My email confirmation said I had an Economy ticket, and Economy Standard includes one checked bag. Economy Lite does not include a checked bag, but nowhere in the Expedia process does the word 'Lite' show up. When you click on the link in the email confirmation about baggage, it goes to a page that shows Expedia has no idea what the baggage fee is (see attached). On the outbound flight some how the Expedia auto-fill left out my wife's last name, and she only got on the flight last minute and had to page a change fee of about $30, and we were not able to sit together. I am not writing about this, but I was able to explain the situation about the baggage to AirEuropa, and they did not charge me. My wife and I were separated and she was charged. On the return flight we were both charged for one checked bag, total costs $120x3 = $360 Euro. I have receipts. This reply from Expedia is frustrating and nonsensical because it does not attempt to answer my questions about how I should have known about the baggage fee:

Hello Thomas Friedel, Thanks for contacting Expedia US. After researching, I can confirm no error was found at the moment of booking since reservation was confirmed per preferences selected. As a result, I am not able to issue a refund as no error was found. Sincerely, Elena N. salinarvaezdabdub. Expedia US Customer Support Team.

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