Welcome to BirdPhotos.com, a totally free educational site featuring high resolution, high quality photos of over (new) 4050 species, with hundreds more in User Albums. Photos exclusive to BirdPhotos.com are used on major conservation sites such as Cracids.org, Parrots.org, ARKive, and the Hummingbird Society, and in other places. The main gallery includes scientific information as well as a links to relevant scientific sites like the 2014.1 IUCN Red List and Birdlife International. This latest version is also a place for photographers, nature lovers, and 'birders' to exchange ideas and information; we now have blogs, personal photo galleries, news, Bird Listing Software (NEW!), checklists, Range Maps, histograms, the popular Bird Identification Quiz (with new Multiple Choice option), Geolocation maps, Clements subspecies database integration, non-English bird names, reverse video toggle, social networking photo sharing and a discussion forum!

The main gallery is mostly birds, but other images can be featured in User Albums or special promotions. Gallery photo are selected based on scientific, artistic, or technical merit; ideally photos would excel in all three areas. And the quality of the main gallery is always improving as weaker photos are updated.

REGUA - Southeast Brazil's finest birding lodge and most ambitious reforestation project

Photographs on this site have many different copyright and usage restrictions. Some have been placed in the public domain, while other photographers have strict usage requirements. Each image contains specific information. For professional photographers who want to sell their photos, a watermark could be placed on the photo, and the copyright information set to "Copyrighted, contact me for pricing". We are currently offering free advertisement to professional photographers who contribute to the site.

BirdPhotos.com is always looking for partners or contributors! If you are a writer, we will gladly promote your article and information. If you are a photographer, we would love to feature your photographs and information here (more info), even on the home page, and also link to your site. BirdPhotos.com is currently serving millions of pages to tens of thousands of visitors yearly.

I also hope you will participate in the blogs and discussion forums.

Enjoy!     Tom Friedel, Editor

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